About the Founder

Founded her performing arts agency in 1998, Zeynep Özlem Baş now represents a multi-national portfolio of artistes in different genres of music and dance.

Ozlem performs with the whirling dervishes of Turkey, reciting the writings of Rumi and consults for music documentary programmes on TV and other international productions. 

She has also worked as Vice President International of Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance and Music in its 14. edition.

Her most recent production are the Tango shows for the leading group "Tango Viva” from Buenos Aires which bring the soul of Argentina and passion of Tango on world stages.

Oz Productions has realised projects at prestigious venues in 26 countries including Cleveland Museum of Art, Amsterdam Concertgebouw,  Sydney Opera House, Brussels Palais des Beaux-Arts, Nuovo Teatro Verdi, Philharmonie Essen, Toronto Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, Place des Arts Quebec and leading international festivals like Edinburgh Festival, Athens Festival, Melbourne Festival and Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo so far.

Besides performing arts, the company which is based in London also works in corporate and private entertainment fields.  

Oz Productions represents international magazines regionally and offers various consultancy services for international companies in different capacities.